About MFC

The Microfinance Centre is a regional microfinance resource center and network. We bring together 101 organizations (including 77 MFIs) in 31 countries of Central Europe and Asia, who serve over 1, 000,000 low-income clients.

Our mission is to contribute to poverty reduction and the development of human potential by promoting a socially-oriented and sustainable microfinance sector that provides adequate financial and non-financial services to a large numbers of poor families and micro-entrepreneurs.

Who we are

Our Board of Directors provides strategic leadership to our work in promoting client-centered and responsible financial inclusion. Our team of 20 head office staff and consultants are based in Poland, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Armenia.

What we do

To achieve its mission, the MFC promotes balanced MFI performance, creating informed and capable financial consumers, and building strong institutions. Read more about our programs.

Partners and supporters

Our work is made possible thanks to our linkages with a number of partners and supporters throughout the industry.

Contact us

Our headquarters is based in Warsaw, Poland. Get in touch with us