Annual Conference

18th MFC Annual Conference in Prague!

Employment, Youth and Investment: What can Microfinance do?


Membership Meeting [English; Russian] [Photos]

Plenary session:

  • Microfinance amid economic, political and social turbulence: What new strategies are needed? [EnglishRussian]
  • Borrow Wisely Campaign: Highlights and acknowledgements[EnglishRussian]


  • There is no place like home: Financing people’s dreams [EnglishRussian]
  • Microfinance consolidation: Advantages and disadvantages:

Alisher Akbaraliev, Association of Microfinance Organizations (AMFO), Kyrgyzstan [English;Russian]

Braco Erceg, MKD „Mikrofin“, Bosnia and Herzegovina [EnglishRussian]

Mirza Halilovic, responsAbility, Switzerland [EnglishRussian]

Zhanna Zhakupova, Asian Credit Fund, Kazakhstan [EnglishRussian]

  • Moving From Micro - to Very Small (VSE) and Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Lending:

International Finance Corporation (IFC): Presentation nr 1 [EnglishRussian]; Presentation nr 2 [EnglishRussian]

Gulnara Shamshieva, Bai Tushum Bank, Kyrgyzstan [English]

  • Social Investment and Social Entrepreneurship – Opportunity or Challenge for Financial Players:

Andrea Maier, DG Employment, Belgium [English; Russian]

Ewa Konczal, European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA), Belgium [English; Russian]

Julie Deneve, ADA Mirofinance, Luxembourg [English; Russian]

Michal Radziwill, Social and Economic Investment Company TISE, Poland [English; Russian]

  • The Impact of Russian Economic Uncertainty and Low Oil Prices on the CIS Region [English; Russian]
  • Fight or Flight? Client Focus in a Time of Economic Stress:

Caroline Vance, Deutche Bank, Germany [English; Russian]

  • Focus on Youth: What can Microfinance do?

Marie Degrand-Guillaud, Association pour le Droit à l’Initiative Economique (ADIE), France [English]

  • Digitalization: a New Bubble or the Future?

Kalin Radev, Software Group, Bulgaria [English; Russian]